Cast & Crew

Meredith Riley Stewart
Creator, Writer, Actor - "Krystal"


Ogy Durham
Actor - "Darlene"

Ben Whitehair
Actor - "Mike"

Hayes Mercure
Actor - "Cute but Stupid"

Courtney Black
Actor - "Whatawino"

BT Jackson
Director, Director of Photography 

Jenny Gattone

Meegan Kelleher

Amanda Richards
Casting Director
Duncan O'Bryan
Camera Operator 

Eric Bucklin
Sound Mixer

Ian Beeuwkes
Boom Operator

Shannon Schotter
Makeup Artist

Casey Oberhansli

Lisa Gentile

Bethe Gordon

Maria Sims
Production Assistant

Allison Murphy
Production Assistant

NYC Unit

Adam Vazquez

Producer, Blue Jean Entertainment

Dylan Malvey

Director of Photography

BT Jackson began filming documentaries for Fire Escape Films while studying film and literature at The University of Chicago. After getting her Masters in film at USC she worked as a Director of Photography shooting music videos, short films, and features - most recently E.T.X.R. for Fox Digital. Southern Dish is BT's web series directorial debut.

Ben Whitehair hails from Colorado where he grew up a homeschooled cowboy. He a social media guru, blogger for Backstage, chair of SAG-AFTRA's Next Gen Performers Committee and star of  The Summerland Project with Ed Begley Jr., Chris Ellis, and Eddie Jemison.

Born and raised in Alabama, Meredith adds Southern charm, along with big city sass, to all the projects she's involved in. Recently seen as Margo Greyson on "Devious Maids." She was also Jean Dujardin's assistant in Scorcese's The Wolf of Wall Street. Meredith created this series while living in NYC. She now resides in sunny LA.

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Courtney Black was always known as the class clown! Originally from Washington, DC, she moved to LA after receiving a degree in biology from Clark Atlanta. While doing cancer research, she decided it was time to exercise her funny bone. Now a professional stand up, she performs at The Comedy Store, Hollywood Improv, The Laugh Factory and The Ice House.

Originally from Atlanta, Hayes Mercure worked on Georgia-based productions of "Drop Dead Diva" and The Joneses before heading to London to train at the Drama Studio. Now an Angelino, Hayes can be seen in "New Girl," "The Road Road" and VH1's "Hindsight."

Ogy Durham has had the opportunity to work on some fantastic projects: "House M.D." opposite Hugh Laurie, "How I Met Your Mother" playing one of Ted's last girlfriends,  "The Division" opposite Taraji P. Henson, and "Let Go" as the wife of Kevin Hart. She also stars in the web series, "Easy to Assemble."